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Integrated Packaging Manufacturing Platform

Supply Chain platforms for Packaging & Plastic Products


platforms for Packaging & Plastic Retail Traders

Manuva Retail Connects MSME producers with retailers. Helping thousands of retailers fill their stock with the best prices and fast delivery.


Custom Products

Every custom product made at Manuva goes through strict controls to ensure that you receive custom packaging that maintains quality.


Plastic Cup PET


Lunch Box


Plastic Pouch


Tray Box


Snack Box


Carton Box


Paper Bag


Corrugated Box




Manuva Guarantee


Quality assurance


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Guaranteed product delivery time

What did they say


Hari Budiatsanoor

Operational Director of Erigo Store

Super Merchant of Fashion and Clothing no.1 on Shopee and Tokopedia

“Tjetak (Manuva) is becoming an important part of our warehousing system, and even our entire supply chain”


Fariska Budi

Procurement Halodoc

No.1 health technology in Indonesia

“Tjetak (Manuva) never compromises on quality”



Supply Chain Manager of Indoin Group

Sports Products Retailer

“Unlike other vendors, Tjetak (Manuva) helped us in the entire development process”


Toko Ziran Berkah

Retail Store

Large Retail Packaging Stores and Online Shops

“Best prices, good delivery, convenient ordering process, and the coolest part is they have their own application”


Toko CP Plastik


Wholesale Packaging Store

“Reliable, delivery on time, stock level updates are quite accurate in the application, sales response is quite good, overall satisfied with the service”


Toko 91 Plastik

Retail Store

Large Retail Packaging Stores and Online Shops

“Tjetak (Manuva) has the fastest delivery so far and also has an interesting program that fuels our desire to compete”

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It's getting easier to transact your packaging product needs at Manuva

Manuva is a platform that connects producers, business owners and shop owners to collaborate in transacting various types of packaging needs, such as paper bags, plastic cups, paper cups, lunch boxes and shopping bags. Manuva is committed to delivering innovations that help the manufacturing industry and supply chain manufacturing processes become more competitive. We are here to bring the spirit of advancing the country's economy. The manufacturing industry is one sector that makes a significant contribution to the country's economy. However, this industry still faces various obstacles. One of them is the supply chain process which is inefficient, ineffective and still manual. We are here to transform and provide easier innovation to the industry.

Collaborate with Manuva to Supply Plastic Products

Apart from shopping and online business for all types of food packaging products, Manuva also offers collaboration to supply plastic products. You can find various kinds of plastic products such as plastic cups, thinwall, plastic bags, and so on at Manuva. With all the conveniences available at Manuva, you can sell and buy various kinds of plastic products easily, safely and reliably. Come on, immediately become our partner so that your plastic products can be marketed online. Manuva will help you with all types of marketing, promotional strategies and knowing buyer needs for plastic products.

Collaborate with Manuva to Supply Plastic Products

With the Manuva innovation currently being offered, your product will be easier to get to buyers who need your product. You can market everything from food packaging to plastic products at Manuva. Through the website and application on your smartphone, you can sell and buy all types of food packaging products and plastic products at Manuva. We also filter only packaging products with 100% the best quality which are only sold at Manuva. You can get food packaging products such as bento, lunch boxes, rice paper, paper bowls and so on and plastic products such as plastic cups, plastic bags and straws easily and safely. Sellers also don't need to have difficulty marketing their products because Manuva is here to facilitate all types of buying and selling processes for food and plastic packaging products.

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